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Ultra Thin inexLED displays

for outdoor media facade

inexLED Ultra Black

inexLED Ultra Black higher-contrast displays

Transparent displays

inexLED T


The highest quality LED displays

Indoor displays

The LED displays we create are based on the highest quality components. We offer displays with module resolutions of up to 1 mm.

Outdoor displays

Outdoor displays with a pixel pitch of P2.5 or greater and a screen brightness of up to 6,000 nits guarantee perfectly legible images in any location, no matter the size of the display itself.

Transparent displays

Transparent inexLED T displays offer new visual experience in a unique form, which is likely to draw the attention of many more customers.

Customized designs

In addition to standard LED displays, we are experts in the design of customized projects implemented according individual customer preferences with the use of advanced technologies.


The latest generation LED displays

InexLED displays are produced on the basis of LED modules produced on automated production lines. The latest SMD LEDs and control components as well as multi-stage quality control are employed to deliver the top-quality products.

High pixel density, optimal operating parameters, scalable solutions and production flexibility allow us to deliver products with which you can position yourself in a unique way in the market.

The control systems, both synchronous and asynchronous, guarantee safe display operation; they are user-friendly and intuitive to use. The displayed content can be managed in a flexible way through control at the local network level and with the use of inexLED LedCloud Software website.

With the dedicated mounting systems designed by our company, you can be confident that the delivered and installed display will be perfectly integrated into the space with the highest attention to aesthetics and design.



Custom-made solutions

High flexibility and unlimited design possibilities are the distinguishing features of our customized solutions. „The only thing that limits us is our imagination” – this is our motto, and we are in a position to implement any, even the most unusual project thanks to the immeasurable creative resources of our designers and engineers.

A tailor-made screen

Each indoor and outdoor displays are manufactured in accordance with the customer’s requirements regarding testing, operation or installation.

Content management is essential

Dedicated display management software from the local network is extremely simple and intuitive to use. Do you want to manage your device from anywhere in the world? Nothing simpler, inexLED LedCloud Software makes it possible.


Professional help and advice

If you are not sure which display you should choose, please contact us and we will help you with the individual selection of parameters and display size, and we will also optimize the investment costs.


Why are inexLED displays unique? 

Fully customizable

You can choose both the resolution of the module as well as the size or aspect ratio of the display. If you are not sure, we will always provide you with professional advice on every step of the way.

Quality and verification

Each of the LED modules that we use for production is subject to several days of factory testing to validate top-quality of the final product.

inexLED CloudSoftware

Dedicated, intuitive inexLED CloudSoftware is designed to manage the displays from any web browser.

Display what you want

With the display control software, you can easily and intuitively create playlists that consist of both video files and static images.

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