Outdoor displays, CityLight and LED totems


Outdoor displays

The requirements for outdoor displays are slightly different than for indoor displays. The use of the LED outdoor displays, especially in our climate zone, requires the use of LED modules dedicated to outdoor use.

Modules for outdoor use are distinguished by several features, such as: high brightness, resistance to weather conditions and possible acts of vandalism.

Due to the fact that outdoor displays must work in direct sunlight from time to time, their brightness should not be lower than 4,000 nits. Such brightness ensures the readability of the displayed content in the sun and thanks to the inexLED Eco automatic brightness control systems used in inexLED display, they are also energy-saving.

As in the case of indoor displays, a very important (though not always the most important) parameter is the pixel pitch. For outdoor displays, the smallest available size is P 2.5 mm. However, the most commonly used modules are P4, P5, P6 and P8.


As in the case of indoor displays, also in this case, the selection of the pixel size is determined by the distance from which we will look at the display and the type of displayed content. The target display size will also be important, because for display with a small area, we suggest using modules with a denser pixel.

Due to the characteristics of the working environment of outdoor displays, their construction differs from the indoor version. Apart from the aforementioned differences in pixel pitch and brightness, the most important differences can be seen in the construction of the module itself. They are made in a waterproof version, as well as equipped with reinforced masks, which additionally protect the LED lamps against sunlight.

Such a structure of outdoor modules enables them to operate in extremely difficult conditions. The tightness of the front part of the module at the level of IP67 or IP68 makes the display water and dustproof.

Full scalability

InexLED-T displays are built on the basis of standardized cabinets and the display size or proportions can be adjusted to the individual customer needs. Each of our displays is designed and manufactured in accordance with an individual specification.

High brightness

InexLED displays are created on the basis of the highest quality components, thanks to which the image is homogeneous and legible. With a brightness exceeding 5000 nits and high image refresh parameters, our displays do not tire the eyes and guarantee a perfect image, also in direct sunlight.

Ease of service

Only a small part (a single module) of the display can be replaced in case of failure thanks to the modular design of the LED display which in the case of LCD displays involves the replacement of the entire matrix.

Large format displays – wall screens 

These displays are installed both on dedicated free-standing structures as well as on facades or walls of buildings. Their proportions are usually close to the 16: 9 format, so standard content can be displayed without any additional treatment. The most commonly used module resolutions are P5, P6 and P8, although there are also projects based on P3 or P4 modules.

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LED totems and CityLight

Outdoor totems are an increasingly popular format for an outdoor displays. The small format is perfect wherever we want to reach the customer in an effective and efficient manner.

InexLED CityLight displays are a modern alternative to traditional poster systems. The displays are manufactured as free-standing, wall-mounted structures in many sizes and types, single and double-sided. The dense P3, P4 and P5 modules guarantee a perfect picture.

inexLED light boxes

Light boxes in a modern version. Mounted above shops or service points have become commonplace for all of us and we basically stopped noticing them. The inexLED Box is an ideal alternative to the traditional illuminated light boxes. You can display not only your company’s logo on it, but also reach the customer with a dynamically modified message. Now your customers will not miss any promotion, and the excellent parameters of the display will make them noticed by almost everyone.